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The shape of otters

First day of the Knowledge Graph Conference, and personally the busiest day for me.

Waking up at 6am by quite the thunderstorm going KA-BAMM ⚡ all over NYC, what a splendid way to start the day! Gave me one extra hour in preparing for my two 90 mins tutorials for the day.

Just taking an Uber to Roosevelt Island from Midtown Manhattan was an amazing experience itself. Passing by the industrial sites of Brooklyn and the marvelous Queensboro Bridge. What a sight–even in dusk, rainy weather.

When arriving at Cornell Tech, I got the luxury of my own room at 2nd floor for throwing my two tutorials. And I got to meet a few people that I’ve gotten to know online for the past two years. 💕

First of all, my SHACL masterclass, covering the core constraint components of the Shapes Constraint Language. Including a demonstration in Java with RDF4J, and a demonstration of SHACL Playground. I received so many wonderful questions and feedback for that tutorial. A BIG thank you to all participants! 🥰
I even received some feedback on that I should write a book on SHACL for practitioners! What do you think?

A tiny, tiny, tiny hour later, my OTTR tutorial went live! I was quite anxious about this tutorial, as it was the first time ever I presented this content. I quickly noticed that my confidence wasn’t too high on this topic, compared to SHACL. However, I believe it went kind of OK, and that the participants learned something new. At least, I received quite positive feedback. Any suggestions of improvement of this tutorial is highly appreciated!

Anyway! Receiving messages as these

warms my heart in an indescribable manner!

Both tutorials are already available as recordings in the conference Airmeet space. 😎

As I had two tutorials live today, I did not have any time (or energy for that matter) to spend any attention on the other talks today. Now I have two days of enjoying the conference before my talk on graph enrichment with OTTR at the Norwegian Maritime Authority on Thursday! And that! Is. Awesome!

After my tutorials, I was crazy exhausted. So I took an Uber back to my hotel quite early. And I found a steakhouse close by, that tried to kill me by serving half a ton of a beef.

It was worth it, though.

Now, I look forward to some hours of sleep before another fantastic day at the Knowledge Graph Conference!


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